Sunday, February 10, 2013

Is it really bad if it's so freakin good?


ebook, 354 pages
Published December 13th 2012
by: Jack L Pyle

ISBN13: 9781622340781
edition language: English

Date Read: from February 08 to 10, 2013

Why do we need what is 'bad', especially when 'bad' is good for us?

This book seriously messed with me. Control. Obsession. Love. Erotic. Dark and yet humorous at times. Damn, damn, damn. The twists and the turns-- I felt lost in a corn maze. What I liked about the book: Jack. He's openly gay. He has issues like OCD. You know why he wants to be dominated. As a Dom, Gray- well I loved him at times and still thought he was an asshole. And wonderful Jan.

The book wsa a bit hard to follow going from Jacks' POV to Jan's, and there were many many WTF moments, but I loved it nonetheless. 
5/5 Stars

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