Thursday, February 28, 2013

February 2013 Reads

Lover Eternal (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #2)
Lover Awakened (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #3)
Lover Revealed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #4)
Lover Enshrined (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #6)
Lover Unbound (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #5)
Lover Mine (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #8)
Come See About Me
Damned  (The Pirate, #1)
Hot Ride
Sticks & Stones (Cut & Run, #2)
Lone Rider
Club Justice (Trinity Falls, #1)
Club Ties (Trinity Falls, #2)
The Biker
If Only (Captured, #1)
Forty Shades of Pearl (The Pearl Trilogy, #1)
Precious and Fragile Things
Human Hieroglyphix (Human Hieroglyphix, #1)
Happy Hour (Racing on the Edge, #1)
Black Flag (Racing on the Edge, #2)
How It Rolls (Love and Skate, #2)
The Champion (Racing on the Edge, #4)
Brother's Keeper
Hidden Depths
Zero at the Bone (Zero at the Bone, #1)
Taking Care of Business (Kate & Leah, #1)
No Reservations (Kate & Leah, #2)
Immortal Protector (The Immortals, #1)
Raid (Unfinished Hero, #3)


Raid (Unfinished Hero, #3)

Kindle Edition, 201 pages
Published February 27th 2013
by: Kristen Ashley
original title: Raid
ISBN13: 2940044346208
edition language: English
Date Read: February 28, 2013
I don't know how she does it each and every time. Kristen Ashley again penned another one of my favorites. How she intermingles so many of her kick ass series characters in almost each one; with glimpses of Knight, Creed and even the mention of the Nightingales along with Marcus & Daisy from Rock Chicks.

I never knew my grandma, but given the chance, Mildred Boudreaux with her marvelous personality is who I would pick. I loved how she just knew and threw out bits of wisdom without judgement.

"I know, child. What do you think is keepin' me on this earth? Not easy to let go that kind of love. That kind of love's got the power to hold you tethered to a world you should have left a long time ago."

Hanna wasn't perfect--kinda dorky and definitely a klutz--the cat food incident had me laughing out loud along with her many crazy conversations with Spot.

"The last time I matched my bike. This time, I matched my car..."

When Raid's PTSD reared it's very ugly head, good God, I wanted to kick his crap to the curb, but capturing that emotion, and being able to transcend it through a page, well that's what KA does fabulous.

In typical KA fashion, there's always a bit of drama; you just know that the Alpha's life is going to impact the girl, it always does. Like usual, the sex is off the charts hot, and while they do use a safe word, I did find that their "play" was actually pretty vanilla.

What prevents me from giving this 5 stars I that I wanted more. The scenes with the drama seemed anticlimatic and rushed. As a reader, I wanted to experience Raid being Raid as he avenged his woman, even if it made the book longer. Not saying KA did this, but I think that when authors try to strip something down to a magical set of pages, it truly pigeonholes the story.

The only minor thing that I don't like about KA's books is the covers. If I wasn't already a fan, they wouldn't draw me in-- just my opinion.

4/5 Stars

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Vamps-- Can I have one pppllleeeaaassseee?!?

Immortal Protector (The Immortals, #1)
Kindle Edition, 221 pages
Published February 24th 2013
by: Elizabeth Finn
original title: Immortal Protector
ISBN13: 9781931761413
edition language:English
Date Read: February 26 to 27, 2013
I'll be the first one to say that I pretty much detest reviews that start of with; "If you like (insert book title) then you'll like (insert book title)", however I cannot avoid it.

This book reminded me so much of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, albeit a shorter version and there are several fundamental differences, but the one most important similarity: the chemistry between the two main characters is off-the-charts-HOTT!!

The only minor thing that I didn't like was Ember's attitude when she felt her life went to shit (not putting in spoilers to point out when) and yes it was a big part of the plot, so it definitely wasn't an issue with the author, who quite effectively made me want to scream at Ember for acting like my hormonal teenager.

"What if I can never remember us?" She broke the silence and stilled him.
"Then I guess we'll have to fall in love all over again."
"How can you be so sure that's possible?"
"Because we're so fucking good at it."

All I can say is that if I am ever a widow, I sure as hell hope that my next lover is a vampire, because damn, between JR Ward and now Elizabeth Finn, they sure are a big part of my ultimate fantasy... sigh~ a girl can dream, right?
5/5 Stars

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ink Me Up

Human Hieroglyphix (Human Hieroglyphix, #1)

Kindle Edition, 330 pages
Published January 21st 2013
by : JA Hornbuckle

edition language: English
Date Read: February 18 to 19, 2013

Why is this a favorite?? Maybe it's because I can relate to Dr. McCarthy-- so tired of just being. Call it a midlife crisis or whatever, but when you start making drastic changes and you realize who actually supports you and you say eff 'em to the rest, well yeah, that's when you start to live.

This read a lot like Kristen Ashley; a bit of drama combined with hot sex. It was a quick read and what's not to love about all that is Dex? I understand that this is part two in a series, but it could be read as a standalone, as I did not read the first book.

4/5 Stars

Monday, February 18, 2013

Heart from Ms. Hart (but no Heat)

Precious and Fragile Things

Kindle Edition, 400 pages
Published January 1st 2011
by: Megan Hart
original title: Precious and Fragile Things
edition language: English
Date Read: February 18, 2013
Have you ever wished for a break from it all; the kids, the dog, the husband, and day to day tasks that if you don't do them they wouldn't get done? I know I certainly have. Between the errands, the whining, the bickering and the husband who disregards her opinions and never listens to her or even makes the attempt to understand her, Gilly finds herself carjacked and kidnapped by a man who doesn't really have much to lose or really live for. Trapped in a cabin during a brutal winter Gilly refuses to back down from her desire to reunite with her family who she grows to appreciate, even with their annoying nuances.

The author surprisingly had me feeling sorry for Todd with his background. I was shocked at the ending even though I knew it had to happen; the romantic in me wanted their journey to go down another path. There was no sex in this book which was the first for this author for me-- usually her books are HAWT!, but even though it was not what I was expecting, I'd still recommend it. I feel like I need to clarify that this is a love story. Todd does fall in love with Gilly and although she does end up caring for him, this book captures the ultimate love between a mom and her children.

The reason I didn't give this book 5 stars was I would have liked to see snippets of Seth and Gilly's kids at home intermixed in the chapters. Did they miss her (of course they did)? What about the reuniting? It is summarized nicely with an epilogue, but of course that's months following her disappearance.

4/5 Stars

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Run Along Little Doggie

If Only (Captured, #1)

Kindle Edition, 293 pages
Published December 16th 2012
by: Louise J
edition language: English
series: Captured #1

Date Read: February 17, 2013

How many times can two people get a chance at true love?

What I loved about this book: *Callie-- her quirky fabulous fashion choices; if I could rock cotton candy colored hair, I so totally would. I L-O-V-E-D her the first 70% of the book, she seemed strong and fearless. *Joe-- biker, tattoo artist, a total saint; waiting patiently to acknowledge his feelings for Callie so many, many years. *The supporting characters-- Su, Dane, Saffron, Adam & Roman... all contributed to the plot so much.

What I didn't like: The book seemed to have a fast forward button. At one point it jumps days. The next is months and finally years. If the two main characters would just talk to each other so much drama could have been prevented-- which I guess is why the title fits. Callie was annoying in the last 30%; she knows that Joe had a past while she was with Nick, yet she runs.

4/5 Stars

Yeah, no.

Forty Shades of Pearl (The Pearl Trilogy, #1)

Kindle Edition, 2nd Edition, 277 pages
Published August 21st 2012
by : Arianne Richmonde
original title:Forty Shades of Pearl (The Pearl Trilogy, Part 1)
edition language: English
Date Read: February 16 to 17, 2013
To me, any book with "Shades of" in the title is a knockoff of well--you know, and ignoring the very very bad cheesy dialogue and the fact that it's in the first person (which bugs me tremendously if it's not very well written), it was just an ok book.

The cutesy names for her vajayjay left me shaking my head. I had 1970s porno Bow-Chicka-Wow-Wow music playing in my head laughing to him referring to a Pearlette and her calling it a V8. She's 40 years old, a divorcée of two years and still reverts to kindergarten names for her hoo-ha, look I can do it, too!
2/5 Stars

Monday, February 11, 2013

Bad Ass Bikers

Club Justice (Trinity Falls, #1)

Kindle Edition, 310 pages
Published March 23rd 2012
by: Mara McBain
original title: Club Justice
ISBN13: 9780985545956
edition language: English
Date Read: from  February 10 to 11, 2013
Holy Crap, I loved it. The protection of family--whether it be by blood, bikes, or by the thin blue line. Ginny is what I strive to be- loyal, strong, and fabulously smart. I was drawn in and couldn't stop. Onto book two... yay! Some of the best lines:

“Maybe you have Rhys whipped enough to put up with your viperous tongue, but you talk to my other two like that again and I will drown your worthless ass. You got me, Barbie?” she hissed. The girl nodded her frantic agreement and Ginny released her with a shove and turned her furious gaze on Rhys. “Get that worthless skank out of my pool and out of my sight.” Shaking water off her hands, Ginny stood and brushed past Zeke. Everyone gawked as she disappeared back into the house, slamming the screen door in her wake.

“You really are a delusional bitch. Let’s get a couple things straight, shall we? There is no you and Zeke. By your own admission, you climbed on top of him after he passed out and helped yourself. It is probably a blessing he has no memory of it because the thought of fucking you makes him physically ill. Secondly, if you would’ve had any clue that Mox was Zeke’s son, you would’ve played that trump card day one, not twenty years later. We took Mox into our home and hearts long before there was a legal reason to. We did it because of who he is, not who his sperm donor is. That said, let me see if I can make this clear to you.” Ginny’s hand shot out and wrapped around Flo’s scrawny throat as she closed the distance between them, pinning the older woman to the cooler. Her nails dug into the jugular and she leaned close to whisper, “You’re going to leave my family alone. You’re going to stay away from my husband and you’re going to stop hurting Mox. I have to hand it to you. You know how to twist words to your will. Your poisonous whispers almost worked at the hog roast. If you try your venomous bullshit with Mox again, I will rip your fucking throat out. Do you understand me?"
5/5 Stars

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Is it really bad if it's so freakin good?


ebook, 354 pages
Published December 13th 2012
by: Jack L Pyle

ISBN13: 9781622340781
edition language: English

Date Read: from February 08 to 10, 2013

Why do we need what is 'bad', especially when 'bad' is good for us?

This book seriously messed with me. Control. Obsession. Love. Erotic. Dark and yet humorous at times. Damn, damn, damn. The twists and the turns-- I felt lost in a corn maze. What I liked about the book: Jack. He's openly gay. He has issues like OCD. You know why he wants to be dominated. As a Dom, Gray- well I loved him at times and still thought he was an asshole. And wonderful Jan.

The book wsa a bit hard to follow going from Jacks' POV to Jan's, and there were many many WTF moments, but I loved it nonetheless. 
5/5 Stars

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Brain Cells Literally Died

Damned  (The Pirate, #1)

Kindle Edition, 381 pages
Published October 10th 2012
by: Bec Botefuhr
original title: Damned
ASIN: B009P6H31O
edition language: English
series: The Pirate #1
Date Read:  February 07, 2013
What the hell did I spend a couple hours on? Seriously, what I thought I was getting into was historical romance maybe with a twist of paranormal... but this was NOT it. Set in the present with cell phones to boot, there is a very needy/annoying/irritating Russian princess who really isn't, a couple of boat loads of Pirates, Poseidon the Greek God, treasures, curses, gifts, mixed in with abusive screwed up families and an ex wife. My only thought in this discombobulated mess was that perhaps, this was trying to be a blend of the entire POTC franchise set in the 21st century???

I am still trying to figure out how this book has averaged 4 stars, I feel VERY generous with 2. On the Smut Level: None. Other than the Pirate getting off on a little pain, this very vanilla book's risqué scene involves *gasp* doggy style and a couple of BJ's. There is a rape scene that is alluded to as well.

Yeah, this just wasn't for me.
2/5 Stars

A Great Surprise

Come See About Me

Kindle Edition, 369 pages
Published June 7th 2012
by: CK Kelly Martin
edition language: English
Date Read: February 07, 2013
This book was so not the style of my current reads; it's written in first person and frankly, while there are several passionate moments between Leah & Liam, it wasn't the usual freak fest I've been immersed in lately- there was actually so much tenderness. The first 30% depressed me~ seriously bawl like a baby, want to drown my sorrows in Jack, and made me wonder why the hell I was torturing myself reading it. Maybe it was because I related a bit too closely to Leah; but I am so glad I continued. While the conclusion is open ended so as a reader I was left to assume a HEA, it was nice to experience the main character's healing and growing strength as she climbed out of her pit. From the first page, the author that had me blubbering one minute and then hoping, cursing, cheering and finally sighing; it was well worth the emotional rollercoaster I encountered- this book will stay with me.  
5/5 Stars